Turning Someone into a Giant Squid — the joy of facepainting

The Giant Squid

I was back at the NY Aquarium at Coney Island for an event this morning for the first in a few years, and that meant painting again some of the more unusual sea creatures we have worked out faces for over the years. We painted a significant number of adults as well as kids, and I was very glad when a men sat down at the end of the end and asked me to make him “spooky”, thus allowing me to turn him into one of my favorites, the Giant Squid — a face that just doesn’t work as well on a kid.

Sea Lions


Laughing Gulls



The Giant Squid










































Here’s one of my “Every Face” videos of faces at the Aquarium a few years back:



And tomorrow I get to go even further off the usual menu of facepaint designs as we will be turning people into DNA, Isaac Newton, Moon Shots and such at our fourth year painting faces for the World Science Festival Street Fair at Washington Square Park.



Isaac Newton Discovers Gravity


Rocket Shot


Man on the Moon






3 comments on “Turning Someone into a Giant Squid — the joy of facepainting

  1. Love the “Giant Squid” design, when I read the title I first thought “no way can you make a squid look good on a persons face” — so I was very happy to be proven wrong!!

    Why do you think the “Giant Squid” face painting design doesn’t work as well on chlidren as it does on adults?

  2. agostinoarts says:

    Partly because on a kid it wouldn’t be “giant”, it would be kid-sized. Also because it is a relatively outrageous or wacky thing to paint on someone, and I think it means more to push an adult that far off the norm than to achieve that with a kid. I prefer putting my stranger conceptions on an adult, or teen or older kids.

    i painted the Giant Squid face again today at the World Science Festival, this time on an attractive adult woman, and it worked for her to, I think.

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