Face Painting Gallery — 2011 Holiday and Christmas Faces

I call this one "Big Santa"

Some of my favorite faces from this past holiday season, painted at private parties, corporate events and a number of end of the year celebrations for NYC Parks and Recreation sponsored by Derek Jeter’s Turn Two Foundation afterschool program.  A large part of our facepainting focus this past year has been to add more imagery to our face designs by incorporating figurative art, in some cases taking a cartooning approach and in others looking for inspiration in fine art, so there are a number of examples of that here, such as Lorraine’s image of a girl lighting a menorah, Jennifer’s designs of Santa and Elves with presents, and my Two Angels inspired by an illustration by William Blake. A number of the faces are just this years’ version of typical holiday images, like Santa Claus and reindeer. At one particular event I had some older kids that wanted to look scary rather than cute, so I had some fun mixing Halloween ideas in to create a Zombie Santa and Rudolph the Red-Nosed WereReindeer. It’s such a nice thing about what we do, that we can try just about anything and know that the people we paint will probably have as much fun wearing it as we have painting it—and, in case they don’t, it all washes off.

I think the most fun we've all had this year has been to paint a cartoon of a person on their own face doing something fun, like ice skating

Lighting a menorah -Face by Lorraine

Elf Ballet by Britt

Dancing Elf

Two of Jennifer's continuing explorations of new ideas, Santa and elves giving presents

Putting the star on the tree - my take on another idea of Jennifer's

From a William Blake illustration

Turning this girl into a angel

Dove of Peace

Combining a snowman with penguins or polar bears makes a very cute face, this year I played with the idea of penguins making their own "Snowpenguin"

and the polar bear making a snowman

Rudolph Flying

Face by Jennifer

Some of the scary stuff: Christmas Zombies


Alien Santa

Zombie Santa - my favorite of the spooky ones

Tropical Christmas

Santa Smile

Santa Sky

Again this year we did the makeup for the "Jack and Jane Frosts" for the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade

Derek Jeter's Turn Two Foundation sponsored our appearance at a number of events for NYC Parks, so I painted this one for their event organizers

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  2. […] Face Painting Gallery — 2011 Holiday and Christmas Faces […]

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