Agostino Arts Theatre Workshops

Theatre Arts Programs under the direction of Lorraine Zeller-Agostino

Agostino Arts presents a variety of programs in theatre arts, with varying content for different grade levels, ranging from introductory classroom workshops to full residencies that result in original school productions with students writing their own play.  Theatre arts skills include theater games, improvisation, developing original material and working with scripts.  Programs are individually designed to fit the specific educational goals and budget requirements for each school, with costs determined by number of classes per day and number of days in residency.

 Professional consulting,  directing and makeup services also available for school productions.

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Lorraine Zeller-Agostino has extensive experience performing in schools and creating theatre with kids. For twenty years Lorraine has directed the summer theatre workshop program for the Town of Islip. She was a co-founder and past director of Touchstone, a theatre company based in Bethlehem, PA, with which she toured across the US, Mexico and Great Britain.


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