From a Mask to a Painted Face — Face Painting from Cultural Sources

By Christopher Agostino Taking a mask image from a cultural source and painting it onto a face is a primary methodology I use for expanding my understanding of what is possible on a painted face. My first steps in that direction were 30 years ago with Chinese Opera faces I saw in an issue of […]

Favorite Faces 2017 — Facepainting Gallery

January 11, 2017 #favoritefaces2017   #transformationsny Starting here with some of my favorite playful faces of the year and examples from Art On Your Face events, followed by faces from StoryFaces performances at festivals, schools and libraries. Below is a second set of photos with more cartooning explorations, animal faces, Halloween and holiday faces.   […]

Animals On Faces — #animalsIDIC Facepainting Gallery

#AnimalsOnFaces #animalsIDIC — Approaching the face as a canvas and placing an image of the animal onto the face using the inherent shapes of the face. In creating designs to use the curved, living canvas that is a face, I start with exploring where can I place the key element(s) of the animal to create a design that […]

Cool StoryFaces Photo in Newsday

  A photographer for Newsday came to a school where I performed StoryFaces last week and captured this: a student who had already been painted during the show as a tropical island sunset, sitting still among the sea of students volunteering to be next.  This is from the newspaper, published October 9, 2015, with Jeremy Bales credited as the photographer. […]

Mythic Faces at the Hudson River Museum

by Christopher Agostino #transformationsny #mythicfaces This past Sunday, June 29, I was back at the Hudson River Museum for Family Day, and I was invited by the organizers to take my inspiration for the faces from a wonderful current exhibit, “Mandy Greer:The Ecstatic Moment” (June 7-Sept.14). From the museum website: “Seattle-based artist Mandy Greer installs […]