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Christopher Agostino – updated 8/22/16  #transformationsny #artonyourface

Transformations_ArtOnYourFace3_plainBeginning with an event for the “Picasso and the School of Paris” exhibit at the Nassau County Museum of Art in 2006, we have offered this type of fine art facepainting as our special Art On Your Face theme for museums, art festivals and the like. Working from a repertoire of recognizable images and developing new faces to suit specific exhibits, for venues such as the Parrish Art Museum , the Hudson River Museum, and The Jewish Museum. Just as an art student might copy a painting by a master, I learn about painting by recreating Matisse’s Woman With A Veil on a guest at the Sculpture Center’s LIC Block Party, while filling the event with kinetic art. Turning someone into a work of art can also elevate the response to the facepainting at an event, so we often put recognizable paintings onto people’s faces at parties. Here are a selection of the many photographs of guests painted at these “Art On Your Face” events, with designs that are from famous works of art along with original faces inspired by such artists. Go to Modern Primitive Art  to see my body paintings on the origins of modern art.  learn about all we do at

 Doesn’t Your Face Deserve To Be Art?