by Christopher Agostino

A selected list of posts and longer pieces, organized by subject.


Origins of Face and Body Art — Why do we paint ourselves?

Origins — Why did we start painting ourselves? Ancient bodypainting kit discovered at Blombos Cave 

Origins — Touching Ancient Sources

Radical Act — The essential celebration of our humanity / the ultimate modern art


Face and Body Art in Pop Culture

Mike Tyson’s Tattoo: what the…?

Body Painting on TV in a Superbowl Ad, a Good Thing, Right?


On Censorship and the question: Is A Painted Body Naked?

Is a painted body naked?

Is A Painted Body Naked? Pt. 2:  Demi Moore Vanity Fair 

Men Getting Women Naked and Yves Klein — Female Nudity in Art


Musings of a professional face and body painter

“Facepainting” or “Face Painting”? The Medium is the Message

Face Painting Freedom is on the Rise

“Everyone Has Nipples

“Change your face and Change your evening”


Cultural Traditions 

Kumadori — The Painted Faces of Japanese Kabuki Theatre

Kumadori ― Oshiguma ― Japanese Kabuki Theatre Makeup Prints: “Leaving an Impression”

Jaguar Helmet Masks — from Aztec and Hercules to Diego Rivera and Hockey Masks

Traditional Bodyart — Nuba, Sudan, Africa- 2: Nuba Personal Art

Destroying the Traditional Nuba — George Clooney Brings Attention to the Nuba Mountains

Bark Masks and Bodypainting of the Yamana (or Yaghan) and the Selk’nam (or Ona) of Tierra Del Fuego 

Shipibo – Conibo – Stetebo: Patterns cover the Universe 



The Power of a Story

Storytelling in Japanese Art:  Super Heroes Team-Up vs. More Japanese Demons


General Articles

In homage to Stephen Jay Gould:  From Leonardo da Vinci to Chief Seattle


Face and Body Painting Techniques

How-To use UV (Dayglo), Metallic and Interferenze Makeups

Tribal Facepainting Concept

Facepainting – How to Paint a Tiger Face

From a Mask to a Painted Face — Face Painting from Cultural Sources


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