Halloween Face Painting 2013 — Gallery #zombieattack

TEventSign_Surprise-NiceorSpooky‘Tis the season… We do a lot of Halloween and Fall festival events this time of year, and folks seem even more appreciative of, and open to, our creativity as Halloween approaches. It’s a good time to develop new face ideas and expand on older ones. Our approach is to surprise each person we paint with an original design just for them, only asking if they want to be “nice” or “spooky” — or matching their costume if they have one. Here’s a gallery of some of my favorites as I paint this season, and I’ll add more as we go (gallery updated 10/23/13). Mostly they are the spooky ones, but there’s a few nice ones as well.  Check out our event schedule on the News/Schedule page and come and be transformed at Boo at the Zoo and our other Fall Festival and Halloween events.



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Painted Bodies: Africa — Video of Carol Beckwith & Angela Fisher

Wodaabe men decorated for the Geerewol celebration, making themselves attractive so that a woman might select them for courtship

Carol Beckwith and Angela Fisher have been learning about and photographing the traditional cultures of Africa for 30 years, and have published several books of their work, including a seminal text on the subject: African Ceremonies (Abrams, 1999).

In September 2012 they came out with a book focusing more specifically on bodyart traditions:  Painted Bodies: African Body Painting, Tattoos and Scarification  (find it on amazon) and I received a link (via Craig Tracy) to a National Geographic Live! video of these two remarkable ethnologists talking about this new book and their journeys to these remote African cultures to create such a record of vanishing traditions.

VIDEO:   National Geographic Live! – Carol Beckwith & Angela Fisher: Painted Bodies of Africa


Girls of the Surma people, Ethiopia. In the video, Carol and Angela discuss how fragile such traditions are. Omo River cultures such as the Surma and Karo are going through drastic changes this year, as a new dam on the river will do away with the annual flooding that their way of life has depended on.


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Agostino Arts Theatre Workshops

Theatre Arts Programs under the direction of Lorraine Zeller-Agostino

Agostino Arts presents a variety of programs in theatre arts, with varying content for different grade levels, ranging from introductory classroom workshops to full residencies that result in original school productions with students writing their own play.  Theatre arts skills include theater games, improvisation, developing original material and working with scripts.  Programs are individually designed to fit the specific educational goals and budget requirements for each school, with costs determined by number of classes per day and number of days in residency.

 Professional consulting,  directing and makeup services also available for school productions.

contact us at info@agostinoarts.com for prices and more information

learn about all of our programs at: agostinoarts.com

Lorraine Zeller-Agostino has extensive experience performing in schools and creating theatre with kids. For twenty years Lorraine has directed the summer theatre workshop program for the Town of Islip. She was a co-founder and past director of Touchstone, a theatre company based in Bethlehem, PA, with which she toured across the US, Mexico and Great Britain.


Cultural Sources

This is an index of the postings with information on cultural traditions of face and body art, along with examples of how we use these sources as inspiration for our work today. The links are listed primarily by geographic region, with a few additional categories. The categories are: A General Approach to Using Cultural Sources;  Ancient Origins;  Africa; Asia; North America; South America (including Central America and Mexico); Oceania (Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, etc.); Europe;  and Modern Art.



From a Mask to a Painted Face — Face Painting from Cultural Sources   http://wp.me/s1sRkg-812 

Tribal Facepainting Concept   http://wp.me/p1sRkg-2V

Traditional Facepainting – World Masks Workshop   http://wp.me/p1sRkg-5m  

World Masks – Facepainting Workshop  http://wp.me/p1sRkg-5C

Modern Primitive: Why Look Back? –  Part 1: To see their eyes…  http://wp.me/p1sRkg-8u 

———————–   ANCIENT ORIGINS   ———————-

Why Body Painting? — 3A: Origins — Why did we start painting ourselves? Ancient bodypainting kit discovered at Blombos Cave   http://wp.me/p1sRkg-j2 

Why Body Painting? — 3: Origins — Touching Ancient Sources  http://wp.me/p1sRkg-iE

Ancient Origins – Chauvet Lions Watching    http://wp.me/p1sRkg-7c

Werner Herzog – he likes the lions, too.    http://wp.me/p1sRkg-6O

————————–  AFRICA  —————————-

Traditional Bodyart – Nuba; Sudan; Africa – 1: changing my perceptions   http://wp.me/p1sRkg-52 

Traditional Bodyart – Nuba, Sudan, Africa- 2: Nuba Personal Art    http://wp.me/p1sRkg-66

The Nuba Bird Dance at Bodies Alive! – Nao Dance Collective   http://wp.me/p1sRkg-6k

From African Masks to Abercrombie & Fitch   http://wp.me/p1sRkg-dL  

Face Painting — Kids for Kids Event — Inspirations from Africa and India, including Rangoli   http://wp.me/p1sRkg-kz 

—————————–  ASIA  ——————————

Kumadori — The Painted Faces of Japanese Kabuki Theatre   http://wp.me/p1sRkg-p0  

Japanese Demons and Kabuki Spooky    http://wp.me/p1sRkg-eV

Li Chi Slays the Dragon — LIVE at PIFA — storytelling   http://wp.me/p1sRkg-cG

Face Painting — Kids for Kids Event — Inspirations from Africa and India, including Rangoli   http://wp.me/p1sRkg-kz 

————————-  NORTH AMERICA   —————————

Scraping Paint for the Power of the Ancients  — Rock Art from Pecos River area    http://wp.me/p1sRkg-bl 


Jaguar Helmet Masks — from Aztec and Maya to Diego Rivera, from Hercules to Knights in Shining Armor…and Hockey Masks    http://wp.me/p1sRkg-mU  

Bark Masks and Bodypainting of the Yamana (or Yaghan) and the Selk’nam (or Ona) of Tierra Del Fuego   http://wp.me/p1sRkg-bK   

Shipibo – Conibo – Stetebo: Patterns cover the Universe   http://wp.me/p1sRkg-bZ

—————————-  OCEANIA  ————————–

Mike Tyson’s Tattoo: what the…?  http://wp.me/p1sRkg-ah  

——————————–  EUROPE   ——————————

—————————-  MODERN ART  —————————

Why Body Painting? — 4: Radical Act — The essential celebration of our humanity / the ultimate modern art   http://wp.me/p1sRkg-jP

 “Facepainting” or “Face Painting”? The Medium is the Message     http://wp.me/p1sRkg-ci

Men Getting Women Naked and Yves Klein — Female Nudity in Art   http://wp.me/p1sRkg-ll   

Facepainting Event:  Modern Art Faces in Philly – Pt.1: Britt  http://wp.me/p1sRkg-7K

Facepainting Event:  Modern Art Faces in Philly – Pt.2  http://wp.me/p1sRkg-87