Original Stories and Traditional Tales re-told — by Christopher Agostino

My StoryFaces  performances are a unique fusion of spoken word and visual art. The stories I tell are my rewritten versions of traditional tales and also my original stories. For some of the stories that come from specific cultures I paint designs that connect to the source, such as the The Faithful One in which I use Chinese Opera designs, and for others I paint original, illustrative designs. In a typical 60 minute performance I may do four or five tales, along with some discussion about the cultural origins of face art and the use of masks to bring stories to life. I prepare for a show with a selection of tales in mind and a few alternatives so I can adjust to the audience. Shows may be designed thematically, or to explore specific cultures. My goal in performance is to amaze and inspire by reaching towards the essential truths of our shared humanity.  For me, at the heart of the performance are the stories I tell. The transformations and theatrical presentation are all in service to the stories. See also The Power of a Story.

My Primary Performance Repertoire

Anansi and the Sky God (Africa – Ashanti)
Bold Bird and Shy Bird (American)
Coyote Makes Some Friends (Original)
The Faithful One (China)
Flowers of the Dreamtime (Aboriginal Australian)
The Giant of Henllys (British Ghost Story)
The Goblin Spider (Japanese Samurai Tale)
Is Life Fair? (Traditional, Many Cultures)
The Jumping Mouse or The Little Mouse that Dreamed BIG (Am. Indian)
The King of the Cats (Britain)
Koji’s Mountain (Japan)
Li Chi Slays the Dragon  (Ancient China)
Look Out Below! (European Ghost Story)
The Man Who Was Not Afraid of Anything (Am.Indian)
Ocean Comes to Visit the Sun & Moon (Africa)
Old Broken Nose (Am. Indian – Iroquois)
Out Flew Butterflies (Am. Indian – Tohono O’odham)
The Peacock’s Tale (India – Khasi)
The Poetry of Creation (Original)
The Power of the Jaguar (Amazon – Kayapo)
Punia and the King of the Sharks (Hawaii)
The Rainbow Bat (Mexico – Zapotec)
The Three Bowls (Original Nonsense Story)
Tiddalik the Great (Aboriginal Australian)
Two Lizards on Four Faces (Original)
The Tiger That Went to the House of the Sun (Original)
Watakure, the Boy Who Loved Nature (South American)
Who’s in Rabbit’s House? (Africa – Maasai)

Additional Tales I Tell

Coyote Decorates the Night Sky (Am. Indian) 
Glooscap Fights the Water Monster (Am. Indian)
Glooscap and the Baby (Am. Indian)
The Hen and the Dove (Africa)
Mikcheech the Turtle (Am. Indian)
Monkey and Crocodile (India)
Owl and Rabbit (Am. Indian)
Penguins on Four Faces (Original)
The Rain Dragon (China)
The Sea Change (Original)
The Seal Woman (Britain)
The Very Hungry Witch (Uruguay)
Where Death Never Comes (Italian)

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