A Day Too Nice for Photoshop

I should have spent a few hours today on the computer selecting and processing the photos from my bodypainting at IMATS this past Saturday, but the day was too nice. I am conflicted every Spring. All week the weather has been wonderful and when I wasn’t at a school performing, or in a meeting, or returning a phone call, it’s been very hard not to just go outside and garden.

Yesterday and the day before I turned over and prepped about half my vegetable garden, and today I put in escarole, swiss chard, Roma bush beans, a second planting of broccoli-raab, red leaf lettuce. The weather has been so ridiculously warm that I also put in 3 tomato plants, about a month earlier than I have ever planted tomatoes or beans. (If it gets cold and they fail I can always replace them.) Already in (for a few weeks) are broccoli, broccoli-raab, bok choy, kale, arugala and couple types of lettuce  (we are already picking the lettuce and arugala). I had some collard plants that survived the winter, but it’s been so warm that they already bolted (flowered), and I had to take them out and cook them.

So the photos of Watanbe vs. the Demon will have to wait. Here’s the section of garden I worked on today:

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