NHL Playoffs 2014 — Face Painting Gallery

nhl_playoffs2014_1-RangersStanleyCupSkyline1_140521_agostinoartsWe did our first event for this year’s Hockey Playoffs at the NHL Store on 6th Ave. at 47th St. in Manhattan. I was there for the pre-game celebration for Game 3 of the NY Rangers vs the Montreal Canadiens at Madison Square Garden, sponsored by Reebok.

I don’t follow this sport, so instead of telling people the story of their faces as I painted I was asking questions —who’s your favorite player? How did you become a fan? — and using those ideas as inspiration.


Drop the puck!

Drop the puck!

Here are a few more from the second event at the NHL Store. I particularly wanted to try this “Drop the puck!” idea if I got someone who wasn’t rooting for either team, but still loved playoff hockey.

nhl_playoffs2014_Skyline_BringItHome_140525_agostinoarts nhl_playoffs2014_CanadiensLogo_teeth_140525_agostinoarts nhl_playoffs2014_MouthFace_StanleyCup_140525_agostinoarts nhl_playoffs2014_Rangers_LogoPlus_140525_agostinoarts

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New York Liberty WNBA – Face Painting Gallery

#StandforLiberty #transformationsny

This season the Liberty, New York’s WNBA team, has returned home to play in Madison Square Garden. Transformations Facepainting was part of their opening home game Fan Fest on 7th Avenue at MSG on Saturday May 17. Here’s some photos from the event, plus a few from last year’s Liberty events.

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Elephant Face Painting Gallery — Run for the Wild at the Bronx Zoo 2013

It’s Earth Day today, and a beautiful morning. We are getting ready for this spring’s Run for the Wild at the Bronx Zoo on April 26, an annual family event in which runners gather early in the morning at the zoo to run and raise funds for all the work that the Wildlife Conservation Society does to preserve the environment around the world. The facepainting will be free for participants in this event, from 7:00 – 9:30 am. The annual Run for the Wild events are great fun and a unique way to enjoy the zoo while helping wildlife. Please come and enjoy a wonderful morning at the zoo!

Each year the Run for the Wild features an iconic animal as “poster child”, and this is the second year to feature the elephant. Elephant populations are currently under direct threat from poaching (65% of the African Forest Elephant population have been killed between 2005 and 2012), and the WCS and other organizations are pushing to protect them both by their efforts in the field and by working to enact laws to ban ivory trading. Learn more: 96 Elephants: A Killing at the Bai

 Here are some photos of faces from the 2013 Run for the Wild.
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Winter Olympics 2014 — Face Painting Gallery


Photos from a couple of Winter Olympic’s sponsor events in New York, February 22 and 23. Some very fun, and different, sports to explore through images.#transformationsny

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The Amazing Face Show



 See the video — The Amazing Face Video 

 A one-of-a-kind entertainment for kids, schools, parties and family events.

The Amazing Face Show features a special selection of fun and surprising StoryFaces — Christopher Agostino’s innovative performance art that brings stories to life on the faces of the audience — featuring exciting tales from around the world and original stories to delight any age audience, large or small. Tales such as:


— Tiddalik the Great — the comic adventure of a gigantic frog, a Dreamtime tale from Australia

— Raiko vs. the Goblin Earth Spider — samurai vs. monsters in Medieval Japan

— The Miller, his Son and their Donkey — a 2,000 year old existential dilemma from Aesop

— The Three Bowls — an extravaganza of absurd and impossible transformations


— The Amazing Face Story — proving that each of us can be anything we imagine and all of us can become heroes on our own face

You will be amazed! 

To schedule a show CONTACT US: info@agostinoarts.com    or  call 516-771-8086

Printable pdf flyer for The Amazing Face Show:  StoryFaces_AmazingFaceShow_agostinoarts

Christopher Agostino’s StoryFaces performances are a unique fusion of theatrical storytelling and his remarkable painted faces. With a growing repertoire of 50 tales, Christopher can craft a show to suit any audience — children, teens, adults or families — and he can return again and again with new stories to tell. Shows run 45 – 60 minutes, and are completely self-contained, including a portable sound system for audiences of up to 300.

Christopher Agostino has appeared on the NBC Today Show and the CBS Early Show and performed for thousands of schools, libraries, events and festivals over a 30 year career. 

In 2013, StoryFaces was featured in the opening presentation of the National Storytelling Conference.


Learn about all of our programs at: agostinoarts.com

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