Elephant Face Painting Gallery — Run for the Wild at the Bronx Zoo 2013

It’s Earth Day today, and a beautiful morning. We are getting ready for this spring’s Run for the Wild at the Bronx Zoo on April 26, an annual family event in which runners gather early in the morning at the zoo to run and raise funds for all the work that the Wildlife Conservation Society does to preserve the environment around the world. The facepainting will be free for participants in this event, from 7:00 – 9:30 am. The annual Run for the Wild events are great fun and a unique way to enjoy the zoo while helping wildlife. Please come and enjoy a wonderful morning at the zoo!

Each year the Run for the Wild features an iconic animal as “poster child”, and this is the second year to feature the elephant. Elephant populations are currently under direct threat from poaching (65% of the African Forest Elephant population have been killed between 2005 and 2012), and the WCS and other organizations are pushing to protect them both by their efforts in the field and by working to enact laws to ban ivory trading. Learn more: 96 Elephants: A Killing at the Bai

 Here are some photos of faces from the 2013 Run for the Wild.
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Winter Olympics 2014 — Face Painting Gallery


Photos from a couple of Winter Olympic’s sponsor events in New York, February 22 and 23. Some very fun, and different, sports to explore through images.#transformationsny

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New York Knicks — Basketball Face and Body Painting Gallery



Knicks_FaceOnWebsite_Screen shot 2013-05-01 at 11.08.59 PM-cropThe New York Knicks went to the NBA playoffs in 2013 and our Transformations artists were part of a number of special playoff events, including body painting 5 fans for the #CrazyNYK Fan Race to Times Square and painting the public for special Knicks events at Chase Bank locations around NYC. basketballKnicks_sketches1_130501I watched a game using the dvr pause button to sketch shots and dunks to explore face designs with players in action, to add to the stadium style faces we paint for sports events with big logos and team colors. I also adapted the NY skyline design I do for one real Crazy Fan who showed up in head-to-toe Knicks regalia, and he wound up as the poster child for the events on the Knicks website.


NY Knicks Crazy Fan Face Gallery:

After the first few events where we painted faces for Crazy Fan contests, we got a call asking if we could body paint 5 fan contestants for a race from Madison Square Garden to Times Square to win playoff tickets. In addition to my photos here there is a slideshow the Knicks posted with photos from the full process.

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2013 Holiday Face Painting Gallery


Some favorite Christmas, holiday and wintertime faces from our events last season, and the newest ones from this year. See more design examples at Face Painting Gallery — 2011 Holiday and Christmas Faces


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StoryFaces and Body Painting at NYSATA 2013

At this year’s New York State Art Teacher’s Association Conference (NYSATA) I had the opportunity to do a presentation on my StoryFaces Mask Arts programs, which included performing a few stories from the assembly programs I do in schools, and we went through “Designing Tribal Masks Project”, an example of one of my classroom workshop programs, along with this sample handout: .StoryFaces_MaskArts_TribalMaskProject_agostinoarts

As the tiger leapt through the walls of fire, he began to burn with a flame of his own...

As the tiger leapt through the walls of fire, he began to burn with a flame of his own…

For one of their Friday After Dark workshops I offered “Face and Body Painting 101”, so during the day I also painted a model in the exhibit area as an example. It’s a design of familiar elements, from my story “The Tiger That Went to the House of the Sun”, which I would be telling that afternoon in the StoryFaces session. TigerBody_iPad_1_131122_agostinoartsThe open lobby area we were in was  too chilly for my volunteer model, so I limited the painting to from 10:00 am to 12:30.








Face and Body Painting 101 at NYSATA

Face and Body Painting 101 at NYSATA

We also had a couple of volunteer models along with 14 participants for the Face and Body painting workshop that night, and I think everyone enjoyed themselves.




Learn more about my school programs at:

Christopher Agostino’s StoryFaces

StoryFaces — Mask Art Workshops

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