Transformations 3.0

Bringing Themes to Life through Art on Faces

After years of constantly creating new face designs from person to person at every event, our professional company of artists has gotten very good at exploring new concepts, incorporating new imagery and adjusting our style to fit any theme. With TRANSFORMATIONS 3.0 we are actualizing our company’s unique ability to fully realize an event theme on the faces of the participants. Supported by communication skills honed over our 30 year history as one of the top Arts-In-Education companies in New York, this artistic agility gives us the tool kit to present face painting as a content carrier at an event, fully integrating our faces into the message of your event.

 Here are just a few examples:

See faces from the Philadelphia International Festival of the Arts: Gallery 1  Gallery 2

 See a video of faces from The Summit Health Festival:  Faces At Play

See the video:  4 Years of Faces at the World Science Festival

Learn about Transformations Face Painting for Events

To learn more about all our programs and performances:


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