Japanese Demons and Team Fortress 2

In response to the previous post, my son sent me some images from a character he has in Team Fortress 2, who can acquire the Noh Mercy mask, based on a Japanese demon.


A note on the Team Fortress 2 official wiki http://wiki.teamfortress.com/wiki/Noh_Mercy points out:

“The Noh Mercy appears to have been styled after the Hannya mask, often used to represent a jealous female, that becomes a demon in Japanese Noh plays.” — which happens to be a major plot point in the Onmyoji movie I like so much, though I’d say it’s more than mere jealousy that turns the the woman into a demon haunting the emperor.


The Noh Mercy mask is for the Spy character in Team Fortress 2, described, haiku-style as:

“Chain smoking Frenchman

Skulks in the shadows, then attacks

Terrifying mask”

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