IMATS New York 2012 — International Make-Up Artist Trade Show

Right from the entrance, the featured images were the same kind of full, exciting designs you'd see at Face and Body Painting Conventions

I had an unusual day today. I got to go to a make up show that I wasn’t working at. At IMATS yesterday I painted a body at Kryolan’s booth (and photos of that will be posted here soon), but today I had the day off and just went to see the show. It is a trade show, primarily a marketplace for professionals and amateurs to see and buy product (usually at big discounts), with some demonstrations at booths and stage presentations. It felt like a busman’s holiday for me, working around the booths with Lorraine and some artist friends. I’ve posted before (NY Makeup Show Bodypainting  —  Bodypainter or Makeup Artist?) that being at shows like these reminds me that I am not a “makeup artist”, I am painter who paints on people, so there is a lot of cosmetic products and makeup techniques that I have no connection to—however, as a “body painter” it is gratifying to see that the work that seems to attract the most interest at these events is the most extensive: special fx, body paintings, and extreme glamour.

The student competition featured "Men In Black" style alien designs

Heather Banks painting at the FABA TV booth

Fashion and character make up demonstrations at Make Up Forever

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