Face Painting Gallery — Yoga For Children Book – faces by Lorraine

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See a video on the making of the book: Making the book: Yoga For Children

The Locust

The Locust

In June 2012, Lorraine participated in the making of a book, painting faces of students participated in the Yoga program at the Girls Preparatory Charter School of the Bronx. Her assignment included designing faces to match the various poses, including some unusual animal poses such as The Locust and The Firefly. The book takes a playful approach to Yoga for kids, so Lorraine followed suit with a whimsical design style.

Learn, Play, Practice: Yoga for Children

by Patricia Buraschi with Beth Maderal

in collaboration with Girls Preparatory Charter School of the Bronx and Om International Yoga Health Society founded by Smriti Chakravarti

Painted Faces by Lorraine Zeller-Agostino

Photography by Toto Cullen

 from the author:

The Turtle

The Turtle

LEARN, PLAY, PRACTICE: YOGA FOR CHILDREN is for children, parents, and teachers interested in exploring Yoga in a mindful manner.  This book, written in a playful way, introduces children to the postures, the breathing and the alignment of Yoga. Through the introduction of these concepts, children will become  aware of positive traits in their own personalities, will develop a sense of mindfulness to those around them, and will build an emotional foundation that allows them to manage challenge-filled events. LEARN, PLAY, PRACTICE: YOGA FOR CHILDREN encourages children, with guidance from a parent or teacher, to develop their own Yoga routine.  We hope this book inspires both the children and adults who use it to further explore and practice Yoga.  We know from our own study and practice of it that there are endless rewards awaiting those who commit to the journey.  Sales from this book support the Yoga program at Girls Preparatory Charter School of the Bronx in New York and Om International Yoga Health Society, Smriti Chackravarti’s Yoga center in Varanasi, India. Thank you. We are grateful for your support!

website:  www.LearnPlayPracticeYoga.com     USA E-store    Europe retail orders

To learn more about our programs and performances:  http://www.agostinoarts.com

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