Christopher Agostino’s Face Painting Gallery

Here’s a gallery of faces from over the years. Most of these are snapshots of faces painted at public events and parties — some were done for my book or other projects.

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3 comments on “Faces

  1. rene gallaher says:

    several years ago i took one of your classes at fabaic where you told the story while you painted. that class stuck in my head since then. well this spring we were booked for a pta end of year party and each class had one child that was to receive a reward, which was a face paint. however i had to make it last 20 minutes while the rest of the class watched,. that’s where you come in. i had a book about how the rattle snake got its rattle from when my 30 year old son was small. i read and reread it and painted and told the story. it was a hit. i just wanted to thank you for sharing your talent at the convention. i also participated in the game where we were given various styles colors and types of painting. that als0 was wonderful i learned alot from you. i also purchased your transformation book which had just come out then too. i truly enjoyed reading it and pull it out from time to time for design ideas. well happy painting and thank you….rene gallaher in central illnois

  2. Dallas Photo says:

    […] Source: Christopher Agostino […]

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