Here are a s election of the videos we’ve posted to our YouTube channel. Scroll down to see them all, or return to our main website:

Christopher Agostino’s StoryFaces — What is a StoryFace?

Before Cave Walls…The Transformation Lecture:

The Amazing Face Video:

Li Chi Slays the Dragon — a Transformation Tale by Christopher Agostino:

Christopher Agostino’s Art of Transformation:

2008 Transformations — an adventurous year of painting on people:

The Story On Our Skin: Looking for Identity Beyond Appearance:

Christopher Agostino’s Transformations on the Today Show:

Transformations Face & Body Painting Company:

The Odd Ball — Painted Body Fashion Show:

Bodies Alive! — The Nuba Bird Dance by Nao Dance Company:

Bodies Alive! — UV Action Painting:

Bodies Alive! — The Singing Faces by Jinny:

Bodies Alive! — The Body Painting Room, preparing for the show:

Bodies Alive! — The Metamorphosis Models:



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